Mr Bennet’s Christmas Train Extravaganza - Ep: 71 



Lizzie opens episode 71 by talking about her father’s extensive train set.  Lydia comes in and tells her that Mr. Bennet got a new train whistle.  She puts on headphones and tells Lizzie to cover her ears.  It doesn’t really help her much.





Lydia says Mr. Bennet promised not to set up the train until he and Mrs. Bennet get back from their Uncle Phil’s Hanukkah party on Thursday.  The house will be free on Wednesday night which Lydia is excited about.  Lizzie doesn’t understand what is going on.  Turns out she forgot about Lydia’s 21st birthday.  Lizzie promises to take Lydia out to a bar and celebrate the American way.  Lydia wants a party at home though as she can go to a bar anytime.


Lizzie thinks they’re past throwing secret parties, but Lydia says she’s allowed to have some friends over.  She texts a ton of people and Lizzie freaks out.  Lizzie goes to appeal to her father.


As it turns out, Mr. Bennet has no problem with Lydia throwing a party.  He knows Lizzie will be there to look out for her and to make sure no one goes in his den.


Lizzie now has to “babysit” her sister and her friends.  She seems to be dreading the weekend and makes plans to Lydia-proof the house.

In this comparison there isn’t a corresponding chapter, but this episode helps set up Lydia’s storyline.  Her party plans will no doubt lead to a certain George Wickham coming back into the Bennet’s lives one way or another.  Either way, Lizzie is going to have her hands full. 

Lizzie doesn’t mention anything about her own future plans, but she sure seems excited about Mr. Bennet’s train extravaganza, minus his new whistle.  Perhaps she’s still considering options or putting it off until after the holidays.  Her decision may very well effect Lydia’s life choices as well.

One adaptation to note is the mention of Uncle Phil in LBD who is probably the equivalent of Aunt Philips who lives in Brighton in P&P.  Kitty mentions wanting to visit her in chapter 41. 

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Chapter 40 vs New Jane - Ep: 70 

In chapter 40 of Pride & Prejudice, the sisters are back home and Lizzy tells Jane of Darcy’s letter.  They talk about Darcy and Wickham.  Lizzy is afraid Jane will judge her for thinking ill of Darcy and well of Wickham at first.  Jane does not, however, as she knows her sister could not have know their true character before Darcy’s letter.

Lizzy takes the opportunity of being home with Jane to observe her.  She finds her sister is not happy and still has feelings for Bingley.  Mrs. Bennet talks to Lizzy about him.  She doesn’t know if Jane ever saw him in London and wonders if he’ll come back to Netherfield.  Lizzy doesn’t believe he will ever live there again.  Mrs. Bennet believes Jane will die of a broken heart and Mr. Bingley will be sorry then.  She then speaks to Lizzy about Mr. Collins and Charlotte.  She asks of their living situation and their income.  Lizzy doesn’t give much of an answer.


Lizzie’s back in episode 70 with a report that the Bennet’s have finishing off the Thanksgiving leftovers.  With the good news comes the bad, however, Jane is headed back to LA.



Lizzie doesn’t want to see her sister go, but she has a lot going on at home.  She’s on her second independent study and has been allowed to online shadow a company based in England.  Even though she’ll be busy, it doesn’t cancel out being lonely when Jane and Charlotte are both gone.




Jane comes in to say goodbye.  Lizzie says she worries about her.  She can’t help but think Jane and Bing would be happy together if Darcy hadn’t interfered.  Jane agrees but she also puts the blame on Bing.  He didn’t have to listen to Darcy.  An impressed Lizzie introduces New Jane.  She asks Jane if she is disappointed things didn’t work out since she went to LA to see Bing.  Jane admits she is, but she’s also discovered she’s a lot stronger than she thought.  She loves living in LA doing a job she loves with cool people.  Jane Bennet doesn’t need one failed relationship to define her. 



Lizzie thinks New Jane sounds pretty kick ass.  Jane says she is because she’s having fun in her new life.  Lizzie says it’s not the same kind of fun they have at home though.  Jane asks Lizzie what she’s going to do after she finishes her Master’s.  Lizzie isn’t sure and might take time to figure it out.  Jane is worried about Lizzie not being able to leave home.  Lizzie points out she’s been gone for two months.  Jane tells her visiting Charlotte isn’t the same as leaving.  She asks why Lizzie turned down the job Ricky offered her.  Lizzie wants to finish her degree and going off to a new, scary place to do a job she would hate is the last thing she wanted.  Jane focuses in on the word scary and asks if part of the reason Lizzie said no is because she’s scared. 





Lizzie admits that a small part of why she said no is because she didn’t want to leave home before she was ready.  She says she’s needed at home to help handle mom’s crazy, keep Lydia in line, and help dad set up his model trains.  Jane tells her dad can handle mom’s crazy and Lydia is fine.  She thinks it’s time Lizzie made a change.  Lizzie misses old Jane who made craft projects, snickerdoodles, and didn’t ask her to contemplate life choices.  Jane asks Lizzie to at least think about it and says she’ll be back at Christmas.  Mr. Bennet honks the horn from the car and Jane says goodbye.


After she leaves, Lizzie tells New Jane that she wins and she’ll think about leaving.

In this comparison, the eldest Bennet sisters are home in both works.  In P&P Lizzy and Jane discuss Darcy’s letter, but Lizzy does not bring up the part about Bingley.  In LBD Thanksgiving break has come to an end.  Jane is headed back to LA and Lizzie is going to start her second independent study. 

In P&P Lizzy observes Jane and sees she is unhappy as she still has feelings for Bingley.  In LBD Lizzie worries about Jane as she thinks things would have worked out with Bing if Darcy hadn’t interfered.  Jane feels some of the blame lies with Bing as he didn’t have to listen to Darcy. 

In P&P Mrs. Bennet and Lizzy talk about whether or not Jane saw Bingley in London.  Mrs. Bennet wonders if Bingley will come back to Netherfield, but Lizzy doesn’t think he will.  With that being said, Mrs. Bennet believes Jane will die of a broken heart.  In LBD it’s Jane and Lizzie who talk about how Jane did not see Bing in LA.  Jane still misses Bing, but she is moving on with her life.  She is making a life of her own in LA through her job and by meeting new people. 

The biggest difference in this comparison is bringing the characters from 19th century social ideals to 21st century ones.  Instead of coming home to just mourn the loss of a relationship, Jane is heading back to LA to live her own life.  She even encourages Lizzie to consider moving out.  In Austen’s time women typically lived at home until they got married or became a governess, unless their family had money.  In this day and age a woman has just as many rights as a man and can set out on her own.  The eldest Bennet sister has done just that and the middle Bennet may soon follow.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Summer Friends - Ep: 69 




Lydia is in charge of episode 69 as Lizzie is stuck in the library finishing her paper.  The milestone of episode 69 sends Lydia into a fit of giggles over the sexual innuendo the number represents.  Once she recovers, she’s ready for some costume theater.  As she dons Lizzie’s plaid shirt, Jane enters in Lydia’s clothes from episode 20.





Lydia plays an angsty Lizzie who has to go to the library to study, while Jane plays an enthusiastic Lydia who is ready to highjack her sister’s video blog. 



Costume theater aside, Lydia wants to have a serious conversation about their summer friends, Darcy, Caroline, and Bing.  She feels everyone they met over the summer filled their lives with drama and annoyance.  Jane tells her that isn’t true.  She asks Lydia about Mary.  Lydia feels Mary doesn’t count because they have always known her since she is their cousin.  Lydia also feels she is a good judge of character, unlike Lizzie.   Funny though how she doesn’t mention George Wickham in their list of summer friends.  Perhaps she feels differently about him and his character.  Which begs to question her judge of character.


Jane doesn’t think they have to worry about their summer friends coming back as they have all moved away and gotten on with their lives.  Lydia points out that they all live in LA, where Jane lives now and they may run into each other.  Lydia thinks all of them suck and she liked it better when it was just Jane, Lizzie, Charlotte, Mary, and herself. 



Lydia hopes her sisters will listen to her as it’s almost a new year and they don’t need any more drama from stupid people.  Lydia feels they work better when it’s just them.  Jane smiles, says okay, and just hopes that everyone gets a happy ending.  Lydia laughs at such a ridiculous proposition and closes out episode 69.

This episode does not correlate with Pride & Prejudice, but it helps to build upon Lydia’s storyline.  She starts out with her usual antics when it comes to the episode number and costume theater.  Her real agenda comes out when she talks to Jane about their summer friends and the way things were before they met them.  It’s clear Lydia cares about her sisters and their well-being.  She just wants them to be happy and she knows they were before summer happened.  Jane and Lizzie are also moving on in ways that Lydia cannot.  Jane has moved to LA for her job and Lizzie will be graduating with her Master’s degree soon.  Lydia’s still in community college and she won’t be getting a full time adult job for a few years yet.  If she continues to feel lonely and left behind, she may do something drastic. 

If you want more insight into Lydia, check out Mary Kate’s post about her character here.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Chapter 35 vs Leftovers - Ep: 68 

This is a very spoiler filled post with a summary of Darcy’s letter from chapter 35 of Pride & Prejudice that was originally in the post concerning episode 62.  You have been forewarned.

Continuing with chapter 35 of Pride & Prejudice: The letter was dated from Rosings at eight o’clock that morning.  Darcy’s letter starts by telling her he will not repeat his sentiments that disgusted her so much the day before.  He goes on to explain himself for the two offenses she charged him with.  The first offense concerning Mr. Bingley and Jane and the second being his ruination of Mr. Wickham. 

His first explanation centers around Bingley’s preference for Jane over any woman in the country.  The night of the dance at Netherfield he observed Bingley’s serious attachment to her.  The attentions to Jane had given rise to an expectation of marriage.  In observing Bingley and Jane, Darcy saw Jane was open, cheerful, and engaging with Bingley, but she did not appear to participate in the sentiment he bestowed on her.  He writes Lizzy that she knows her sister better than he, and admits he may have been mistaken.  He did not believe Jane to be indifferent because he wished it, but because it’s what he perceived in observing her. 

He adds other causes for tearing the couple apart being the lack of propriety shown by her mother, three younger sisters, and occasionally her father.  To console her on the matter, he never felt that Jane and Lizzy shared in this impropriety.  When he shared his feelings with Caroline, she agreed and did not waste any time in removing her brother from Netherfield. 

On the subject of Wickham, he was connected to the Darcy family through his father who was a very respectable man who managed all of the Pemberley estates.  George Wickham was the godson of Darcy’s father.  His father supported George in school and at Cambridge.  He had the highest opinion of his godson and hoped the church would be his profession.  Darcy’s father passed away five years previously and left in his will that Wickham should be promoted in his profession, a valuable family living would be his as soon as it was vacant, and £1,000 was to be left to him.  Mr. Wickham’s own father died soon after.  He then wrote to Darcy, having decided not to take orders, hoping for funds to study law.  Mr. Darcy wished him to be sincere and gave him the £3,000 he required.  Their connection dissolved and Wickham’s intent to study law was all a pretense.  After three years of hearing little from him, Wickham approached Darcy again in the hope of returning to the church and being ordained.  Darcy refused him and Wickham resented him for it. 

Darcy continues by talking of his sister who was left in the guardianship of his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam and himself.  About a year prior, she had been taken from school and put in an establishment in London.  She went to Ramsgate over the summer with the lady who presided over the establishment.  Mr. Wickham also went, as planned, as he had known Mrs. Younge prior to that.  Wickham recommended himself to Georgiana who soon thought herself to be in love with him and agreed to elope at the age of fifteen.  Darcy unexpectedly joined them a few days before the elopement was to take place and Georgiana admitted the whole plan to him.  Darcy did not publicly expose Wickham in the interest of protecting his sister, but he wrote to Wickham who immediately left.  Darcy feels that Wickham’s interest in Georgiana was her fortune of thirty thousand pounds.

Darcy writes his reason for not telling her the night before was that he was not in control of himself and was not sure what he should reveal to her.  He hopes that his letter will be of some value and it will not be discredited due to her abhorrence of him.

In the Bennet household, Thanksgiving is over but the leftovers are not gone.  Lizzie’s theory is that her mother has a ploy.  She’ll make tons of food, even if it’s just for immediate family and eventually her daughters will have to bring husbands and children around to eat it all.  Lizzie has foiled her mother’s plan though, she’s giving a bunch of leftovers to Charlotte.

Charlotte arrives and calls Lizzie out on pushing leftovers her way.  She’s just as good at blackmail as her bestie though and agrees to take leftovers if Lizzie tells her what was said about George Wickham in Darcy’s letter.  Lizzie wants to know why Charlotte assumes the letter was about George.  Charlotte informs her that everyone knows it was about George and to be fair, Lizzie should share Darcy’s side of the story.  Lizzie makes the point that she didn’t share George’s side of the story, but spoke hypothetically. 

Lizzie agrees to hypothetically share Darcy’s story in the interest of fairness.  She uses the same setup she did with George’s story by referring to him as Batman and Darcy as Darvid.  To get the full effect, watch episode 68.  I’m going to summarize using real names. 

Darcy and George grew up together and Darcy’s father promised to pay for George’s college education.  When the time came for George to go to college, he asked Darcy for the money he had been promised.  Darcy preferred to pay the college directly, but George preferred to handle his own money so Darcy let him.  George was not very dedicated to his studies and he spent all of the money that was supposed to last him four years in just one.  Charlotte asks how it’s even possible to do such a thing.  Lizzie didn’t get details, but did learn that George asked Darcy for more money when he ran out.  Darcy wouldn’t give him any more and George started telling everyone that he had been denied what was rightfully his.

Charlotte now understands Darcy’s reaction to George.  Lizzie points out that he is still the same guy who admitted to breaking up Bing and Jane.  Charlotte says at least he admitted to it.  Lizzie doesn’t care as honest people can be dishonest and liars can tell the truth.  She has told both hypothetical sides of the story and is done with it.  Now that she’s held up her end of the bargain, it’s time to hold Charlotte up to taking her leftovers.

Lizzie realizes her trade with Charlotte may not have been an even one.  Regardless, she is thankful for Darcy’s letter as it has been rather illuminating.

In this comparison we again see Darcy’s observation of Jane’s indifference to Bingley in P&P.  Of course this is just Darcy’s opinion of Jane’s feelings toward his friend and it is addressed in an earlier video of LBD. 

The bigger fish to fry in this comparison is the relationship between Darcy and George.  In both works, Darcy’s father promised to pay for George’s education.  Darcy decided to trust George with the money that had been left to him, but he was irresponsible with it.  When George ran out, he asked Darcy for more, but was denied.  George then turned the story around to favor himself and make Darcy look uncharitable.

In P&P Darcy includes information concerning his sister Georgiana and her planned elopement with George.  George’s goal was to get to the money Georgiana had been left, thirty thousand pounds.  Darcy stops the plan before it gets too far.  In LBD Lizzie does not mention this part of the letter, assuming it exists.  I believe there are two major reasons for this.  The first being Lizzie’s moral need to protect Gigi’s reputation out of respect for her and for Darcy.  The second reason being a plot device.  Lydia runs off with George in P&P and only after does Lizzy share the contents of Darcy’s letter with her family.  In LBD she obviously shared one half of George’s story but not the other, which will more than likely result in the same outcome for Lydia.  If Lydia does in fact end up with George, we may hear more from Darcy’s letter at that point.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Chapters 38 & 39 vs Back Home Again - Ep: 67 

In chapter 38 of Pride & Prejudice, Lizzy and Maria leave Hunsford for Mr. Gardiner’s house where Jane has been staying.  Lizzy finds Jane to look well but doesn’t have much time to observe her emotions.  In chapter 39 the sisters head back to Hertfordshire and are greeted by Lydia and Kitty.  They go out for a meal to catch up and Lydia informs Lizzy and Jane that George Wickham is back in town.  He is single again and not in any danger of marrying Mary King as she has left town.  Once the girls are home home, Mrs. Bennet is happy to see Jane while Mr. Bennet tells Lizzy he is glad she has come back home. 

Episode 67 opens with Lizzie reading from a script and plugging Lydia’s vlogs as she promised to do in exchange for the video of Ricky as the Wizard of Floss.  Lizzie didn’t bargain for having to do it in Lydia’s words though. 

Lydia hops into the frame and Lizzie wants to know if they’re even.  Lydia is more concerned with being in the spotlight though.  Lizzie feels that her own words would have been better for endorsing Lydia.  Lydia didn’t want Lizzie to forget her promise.  Lizzie reminds her that she forgets nothing.  She promises to catch up on Lydia’s vlogs soon.  Now that Lizzie’s back though, Lydia has no reason to make her own when she can crash into her sister’s videos whenever she feels like it.

After Lydia leaves, Lizzie says there’s no place like home.  She’s going to be there for a while too, even though Mr. Collins was a good sport about being blackmailed.  She has decided to let him cool off especially as she has more than enough information on Collins & Collins for her paper. 

Charlotte joins her and says that Lizzie just doesn’t want to dine with Ms. De Bourgh again.  Lizzie tells Charlotte to be nice to her because Mr. Collins not only gave her Thanksgiving off, he gave her the whole week.  Charlotte doesn’t condone her best friend’s methods, but Lizzie regrets nothing. 

She is happy to be home again.  One of the perks is getting to see her dad.  He’s happy to have her and her silliness home again. 

In addition, at least for the next week, the elusive Jane Bennet will join her as well.  Jane says she hasn’t been elusive as she was in Lydia’s videos.  Lizzie reminds her it’s only because Lydia traveled to LA to see her.  Lizzie takes that moment to plug Lydia’s adventures in LA and informs Jane it’s a contractual thing.  Jane thinks it was sweet of Lydia to visit her even though it was wrong to cut school.  The eldest Bennet sisters give the youngest a look of disapproval.

Lizzie asks Jane if she ever saw Bing in LA.  Jane says they were both busy and she never did see him.  Lizzie was hoping that perhaps Jane would run into him after the Darcy debacle, but that wasn’t the case.  Lydia runs in with news, George Wickham is back in town.  Swim season is over, but he’s back for a casual visit and Lydia thinks Lizzie should casually run into him as she was casually dating him.  On that note, Lizzie ends the video.

In this comparison we return to the text of Pride & Prejudice, even if the events are not in the same order.  Regardless, the Bennet sisters are reunited.  Lydia informs her older sisters of George Wickham’s return to town.  Lizzy doesn’t get a chance to ask Jane about Bingley in these chapters.  In LBD Lizzie does ask but Jane has yet to see Bing in LA.  We also get a sneak peak at Lizzie playing Mr. Bennet.  She definitely seems to be his favorite daughter as he tells her he is happy to have her home in both works.

It’s only a matter of time before more Bennet family drama occurs.  Will it start with Wickham?  Will Bing come back into Jane’s life?  Will Darcy come back into Lizzie’s?  What will become of Lydia?  What will happen when Charlotte goes back to work?  Will Mr. & Mrs. Bennet find out about Lizzie’s videos?  Only time will tell.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Giving Thanks - Ep: 66 

Episode 66 is going to be a quick one as Lizzie and Charlotte are leaving for home.  It’s Thanksgiving time.  She wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, although she’s about a month late for Canadians.  For those not celebrating, she wishes them a happy Thursday.  Despite how crazy the year has been, Lizzie is thankful for her viewers and being able to make her videos.

Charlotte comes in with bad news.   Ms. De Bourgh wants her to change the tagline on Game of Gourds.  She’s going to be stuck at work over Thanksgiving.  Lizzie volunteers to split the work with her so they can both go home.  Charlotte accepts and they break from vlogging to go work.

When they come back, the work has been done and they are ready to hit the road.  Except that Charlotte’s phone starts ringing and she leaves to answer it.  Lizzie informs her viewers that the past three days have been filled with little emergencies and it seems only Charlotte can handle them. 

Turns out the phone call is from Mr. Collins who thinks the tagline can be better.  Charlotte tells Lizzie to hit the road without her.  Lizzie asks if she can work from the car, but Charlotte says it isn’t worth going home if she’s just going to be working the entire holiday.  Lizzie tries other tactics to persuade her, but Charlotte just says she has to stay and leaves the room.

Lizzie isn’t going to let this happen to Charlotte, so she pulls out the big guns: Lydia.  She calls her younger sister and asks if their parents still have the video of her 2nd grade play.  The one about healthy eating in which Ricky Collins played the Wizard of Floss.  She lays out the game plan for Lydia who only agrees to help if Lizzie will plug her videos more.   In defense of blackmailing, Lizzie says it’s an ugly thing, but so is making your business partner miss Thanksgiving.

One of two things will happen by the time Lizzie’s video goes live.  Either she and Charlotte will both be home for Thanksgiving or there will be an entertaining clip at the end of her video.  She counts down to when the decision will be made.   Charlotte comes in and says Mr. Collins told her to stick with the original tagline and he’ll deal with Ms. De Bourgh if she has an issue with it.  Lizzie’s plan worked.  The girls are headed home.

Going along with the comparison in episode 65, this one doesn’t coincide with P&P as it’s a continuation of Thanksgiving.  In chapter 38 Lizzy leaves Hunsford to return home, but she goes without Charlotte who must stay with her husband, Mr. Collins. 

This episode really seems like a test of Charlotte’s work ethic as well as Lizzie’s friendship and blackmailing skills.  Charlotte is a hard worker and she does as she’s told.  She doesn’t want to take work home with her, so instead opts to stay at work.  Lizzie isn’t willing to let that happen.  She has seen first hand all the work Charlotte has put in over the past few months and knows her friend deserves a break. 

It will be nice to see the Bennet sisters back together again in the next episode.  I still can’t help but wonder how long Charlotte will put up with Collins & Collins.  Will she continue on there as the pay and experience are good or will she go on to something where she is better appreciated?

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Turkey Days - Ep: 65 

Lizzie opens episode 65 by welcoming her new viewers and by new viewers she means Darcy, if he’s still watching her videos.  She adds Bing to her list of new viewers and then wonders if anyone has told him about her video diaries.  Regardless, she addresses Bing and tells him to ignore everything in the beginning and just focus on the fact that Jane loves him.  On the subject of Jane, Lizzie really misses her and the rest of her family.  She can’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving.

Lizzie reflects on all the drama she’s experienced since arriving at Collins & Collins.  Going home to her mother will be a nice break after the soap opera she’s been living through.  She’s never been more grateful that her parents don’t know about her video blog.  They remain blissfully unaware of the goings on with Darcy and Bing as well.  Lizzie goes on to say that Charlotte only has to work Monday, Tuesday, and a half day Wednesday before they head for home.

There is a knock at the door and surprisingly it’s Ricky, who usually just barges in.  Ricky informs her that he has had the importance of knocking impressed upon him lately.  Lizzie assumes he was told by Ms. De Bourgh, but Ricky’s fiancé was the source.  He starts telling the story of why it became necessary that he learn the importance of knocking, but Lizzie stops him as she doesn’t need any more detail.

Ricky had a reason for knocking as he overheard Lizzie’s plans to leave for home with Charlotte.  There is a deadline for a project they have been putting together and Ricky is concerned about it.  Lizzie assures him it will be done in time and that’s why Charlotte is at work on a Sunday.  Ricky is concerned that no one will be there to oversee operations if an emergency occurs, even though Lizzie tells him it will be up by Tuesday.  Lizzie asks him if he personally has ever recorded something and put it on the internet.  Ms. De Bourgh prefers upper level management to stay out of it in order to keep things running smoothly.  Ricky is afraid Charlotte will have to stay to oversee operations.  Lizzie asks when he will be leaving for Thanksgiving.  The answer is Monday.  Instead of getting snippy, Lizzie just wishes him a happy holiday and he returns it.  All Lizzie says is, “You know, I think we will.”

While this episode does not coincide with Pride & Prejudice (Thanksgiving is not a thing in England for starters) it builds upon a couple of LBD story lines.  The first is that Lizzie acknowledges Darcy as well as Bing at the beginning of the episode.  She is conscious of at least Darcy watching and it seems that she hopes he still is and will continue to do so.  Perhaps her feelings toward Darcy have changed and she doesn’t feel so much hatred for him.  For Jane’s sake, Lizzie wants Bing to continue watching as well.

The second story line is whatever Ricky Collins has set in motion by making it necessary that Charlotte stay over Thanksgiving to oversee operations.  Of course the viewership will have to wait until Thanksgiving day to see the results of his decision, but Lizzie’s comment at the end alludes to something.  If nothing else, it should build a bit of contempt within Charlotte that her business partner not only left for Thanksgiving break, but left on Monday, combined with the fact that she hadn’t planned on leaving until Wednesday and now he’s making her stay through the holiday.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

C vs C - Ep: 64 

Lizzie opens episode 64 with Charlotte.  They have been discussing Caroline at length lately and they are about to take her on.

Lizzie is telling a story when Caroline knocks and asks to come in.  She apologizes to Lizzie for not telling her that she watched the videos and she knows about Darcy’s letter.  Caroline tries to use their “friendship” to get back in Lizzie’s graces.  Lizzie doesn’t appear to buy it though.  Charlotte interrupts to say Mrs. Bennet has called for Lizzie.

Caroline tries to leave, but Charlotte has some questions for her.  Charlotte wants to know why Caroline had a change of heart to apologize and respect Lizzie’s wishes.  Caroline claims she cares about Lizzie.  Charlotte points out the coincidence of Caroline showing up to apologize when Lizzie happens to be filming so that her audience can see it.  After a discussion about editing out or keeping in the apology, Caroline agrees to answer some questions Charlotte has for her.

Charlotte wants to know why Caroline offered to help Lizzie with her videos.  Caroline claims to find Lizzie compelling, but Charlotte gets it out of her that she wanted Lizzie to stop saying unflattering things about her.  Caroline admits she wanted to set the record straight as no one likes to be mocked, especially in front of thousands of people.  She wanted to befriend Lizzie and friends don’t say things about each other behind their backs. 

Charlotte then asks Caroline about her agreeing to keep the video blogs from Bing and Darcy.  Caroline claims she did it so they didn’t have to know the terrible things Lizzie was saying about them.  She did it for their own protection.  Charlotte asks if it had anything to do with keeping Jane’s true feelings from Bing for her own self interests.  Caroline tells Charlotte that accusation is ridiculous and she only wants happiness for her brother.  Charlotte backs her into a corner though by telling her it leaves one glaringly obvious question.  Caroline asks what that is and Lizzie, who has been listening, answers by asking why she wouldn’t tell Bing how much Jane loves him when Darcy pulled Bing away. 

Caroline claims it wasn’t that simple.  Lizzie wants to know how saying, “Hey bro, Jane loves you,” is complicated.  Caroline tells her Bing had other responsibilities.  Lizzie asks her if Bing doesn’t value true love.  Caroline quickly calls true love an illusion.  Lizzie is ready to go head to head with Caroline and she asks Charlotte to check the frame.

Lizzie asks Caroline why she doesn’t want her brother to be happy.  Caroline gets angry that Lizzie would assume such a thing.  She says she’d do anything for her family.  Lizzie then asks about her family and Jane’s well being.  Caroline turns the conversation onto Lizzie’s family with their crippling debt, her inconsiderate mother, her embarrassment of a younger sister, and Jane who is going nowhere in her career.  Caroline wonders about her having financial interests in “seducing” Bing. 

Lizzie says they are done and Caroline agrees.  The exception being Lizzie knows Caroline still wants to know what is in Darcy’s letter.  Lizzie says that Caroline likes Darcy, to which her facial expressions confirm this fact.  She tells Caroline to be careful as you never know who’s watching.  Caroline tells Lizzie to keep the letter to herself and that her videos speak volumes to her character.  She knows certain people watching will discover Lizzie’s character soon enough. 

After Caroline leaves, Charlotte joins Lizzie who tells her she can cut their interrogation out of the video so she doesn’t get fired.  Charlotte asks when has she ever cut anything. Lizzie figures she might want to now since her boss’s boss loves Caroline.  Charlotte tells Lizzie she is still her best friend and she always has her back.

This episode is another LBD original, although it relates to P&P.  In P&P, Caroline is not a friend to the Bennet sisters and makes it known she is of a higher social class.  While she does invite Jane over, she and Lizzy are never very chummy like they are in LBD.  Caroline’s true character and motivation are revealed in episodes 63 and 64 of LBD and match that of her character in P&P.

Caroline’s motivation to apologize on camera is the same as her motivation to originally appear on Lizzie’s videos, which is to keep her reputation from being sullied.  Caroline claims to have kept Lizzie’s videos from Darcy and Bing for their own protection.  In reality, she didn’t want Darcy to find out the reasons for Lizzie’s prejudice.  Also, in keeping the videos from Bing, he wasn’t able to see Jane’s true feelings for him.  It was then quite easy to persuade him to go back to LA.

When it comes to Caroline’s role in pulling Bing away from Jane, she echoes Darcy’s concerns about Mrs. Bennet and Lydia.  She also comments on Jane’s career and her supposed financial interest in Bing.  Again a lot of this plays on a difference between social classes.  Caroline and Darcy more than likely had their own similar opinions about the Bennet family, but with them agreeing, Caroline probably only felt it could help in her pursuit of Darcy.  Their similar feelings and ploy to pull Bing away gave them a reason to bond.  Caroline also has her own self interests to look out for when it comes to social class issues.  If her brother marries someone she believes to be beneath them, she is also connected to that family for life.

At the end of the video, Lizzie actually puts Caroline on the spot by calling her out on liking Darcy.  Caroline’s expression and lack of denial confirm her feelings.  Earlier in the episode she says that true love is just an illusion.  My take on this is that she was hurt by Darcy’s declaration of love for Lizzie.  Her defense mechanism is to put up the facade that she doesn’t believe in true love.  She does however speak of Lizzie’s character.  Caroline’s true opinion of Lizzie and her family has finally been revealed.  The Caroline we know from P&P has finally shown herself in LBD.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Unexpected Returns - Ep: 63 

Lizzie opens episode 63 by saying she attended another awkward dinner at Ms. De Bourgh’s the night before and Caroline was there.  Lizzie did not get any explanations from Caroline.  Instead she received life advice from Ms. De Bourgh, while Caroline received her praises.  Ms. De Bourgh told Caroline it was too bad she arrived when she did as Darcy had just left. 

Caroline walks in on Lizzie filming and says she’ll come back at a later time.  Lizzie chases her down and brings her in to talk.  They greet each other and Caroline tells Lizzie she looks well.  Caroline has issues looking at the camera.  Could it be guilt?  Is she up to something?  Is she worried that Darcy is probably watching?  Lizzie tells Caroline she’s been trying to get a hold of her for months.  Caroline blames being super busy in LA.  Lizzie asks if she’s seen Jane.  Caroline says just barely, although she looks well.

Lizzie asks Caroline what she is doing in Hunsford.  Caroline says she’s just visiting Lizzie because she missed her.  She proceeds to ask what is new in Lizzie’s life.  Lizzie tells her a lot and asks if she’s seen her videos.  Caroline claims she’s been too busy with the move to watch them.  Lizzie asks her if the Bennets did something wrong to send them packing without a goodbye.  Caroline admits it was a bit rude, but they had to get back to LA so Bing could tend to some emergencies.  Lizzie points out that Bing is a medical student.  Caroline says he is very popular in LA, especially with the ladies.  When Lizzie asks about Jane, Caroline apologizes and says Jane will jump back as she is young and beautiful.

Lizzie asks Caroline what really happened the night of Bing’s birthday.  Caroline evades the subject of their quick departure and turns the conversation back to what happened to Lizzie recently.  Lizzie questions what is going on.  Caroline says these are Lizzie’s videos and she is supposed to talk about her life.  Lizzie is aware but she wants to know why Caroline is being so pushy.  Caroline claims she’s helping and finds the Darcy hat to put on Lizzie’s head.  Lizzie removes it while saying Caroline has been watching her videos.  Caroline says she hasn’t been watching and that’s why she needs Lizzie to fill her in.  Lizzie tells Caroline she has been watching the videos and now wants to know what is in Darcy’s letter.  Caroline says, “No I don’t.”  A vindictive Lizzie tells her that an appropriate response would have been, “What letter?”  Caroline pretends Mr. Collins is calling for her and she quickly leaves the room.  Lizzie gives the camera a knowing look, one that says, “I got her.”

This is strictly a LBD storyline.  Caroline does not come to Hunsford in P&P and she does not know about Darcy’s letter.  The way she acts in this video, along with Lizzie catching her in lies, may lead to us finding out her involvement in the quick move back to LA.  I suspect part of the reason she is introduced back into LBD at this point is to shed light on the Bing and Jane storyline along with the Darcy storyline.  It will be interesting to see what the LBD writers do. 

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Letter Analysis - Ep: 62 vs Chapter 35

You may notice the flip flop in this comparison.  It’s The Lizzie Bennet Diaries vs Pride & Prejudice for spoiler reasons.  The first part recaps episode 62.  If you want to know what happens in the remainder of chapter 35, which includes the contents of the letter, you can click Read More below the episode recap.  If you are accessing this post on it’s own, separate from the main blog page, I inserted *SPOILER ALERT* where the summary begins.  A comparison discussion will follow the chapter summary.

Lizzie opens episode 62 by discussing her independent study projects.  She starts explaining how she is going to structure her paper about Collins & Collins.  Charlotte steps in and tells Lizzie to stop.  No one cares about her project, everyone just wants to know what was in Darcy’s letter.

Charlotte takes over Lizzie’s intro saying, “Her name is Lizzie Bennet and she’s holding out on us.”  Lizzie admits that her vlog has been dramatic lately and she isn’t even the Bennet sister who enjoys drama, that’s Lydia. 

Lizzie is also glad her mother does not know about her videos.  Mrs. Bennet would inevitably ask Lizzie why she turned down a rich handsome man who said he loved her.  Lizzie would respond by saying she doesn’t like him and neither does Mrs. Bennet.  Mrs. Bennet is willing to put her dislike aside for money.  She wonders where she went wrong with her daughters.  

Lizzie is aware her viewers want to know what is in the letter, but she can’t share.  The letter contains secrets that are not hers to tell as they could potentially influence other people’s lives.  Lizzie does say that there was not an apology in the letter for what Darcy did to Jane.  Darcy does write that after watching Lizzie’s videos, he underestimated Jane’s feelings.  He justifies himself by saying that Bing’s feelings must not have been as deep if he was able to be pulled away so easily.  Lizzie painfully agrees.  Darcy still doesn’t approve of Mrs. Bennet and Lydia, so Lizzie feels justified in her feelings toward him.

Lizzie admits that other parts of the letter make her feel like she was a bit harsh toward Darcy.  It also makes her reevaluate her opinion of someone else.  Charlotte pops back in to tell Lizzie she is being rather vague.  She understands, but isn’t sure the viewers will.  Lizzie asks what she wants her to do, ask Darcy at dinner if she can share the letter?  Charlotte tells her she can’t do that as Darcy and Fitz have gone back to LA.  Lizzie concludes by saying that she not only insulted and rejected Darcy, but she drove him hundreds of miles away.


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