Chapters 38 & 39 vs Back Home Again - Ep: 67 

In chapter 38 of Pride & Prejudice, Lizzy and Maria leave Hunsford for Mr. Gardiner’s house where Jane has been staying.  Lizzy finds Jane to look well but doesn’t have much time to observe her emotions.  In chapter 39 the sisters head back to Hertfordshire and are greeted by Lydia and Kitty.  They go out for a meal to catch up and Lydia informs Lizzy and Jane that George Wickham is back in town.  He is single again and not in any danger of marrying Mary King as she has left town.  Once the girls are home home, Mrs. Bennet is happy to see Jane while Mr. Bennet tells Lizzy he is glad she has come back home. 

Episode 67 opens with Lizzie reading from a script and plugging Lydia’s vlogs as she promised to do in exchange for the video of Ricky as the Wizard of Floss.  Lizzie didn’t bargain for having to do it in Lydia’s words though. 

Lydia hops into the frame and Lizzie wants to know if they’re even.  Lydia is more concerned with being in the spotlight though.  Lizzie feels that her own words would have been better for endorsing Lydia.  Lydia didn’t want Lizzie to forget her promise.  Lizzie reminds her that she forgets nothing.  She promises to catch up on Lydia’s vlogs soon.  Now that Lizzie’s back though, Lydia has no reason to make her own when she can crash into her sister’s videos whenever she feels like it.

After Lydia leaves, Lizzie says there’s no place like home.  She’s going to be there for a while too, even though Mr. Collins was a good sport about being blackmailed.  She has decided to let him cool off especially as she has more than enough information on Collins & Collins for her paper. 

Charlotte joins her and says that Lizzie just doesn’t want to dine with Ms. De Bourgh again.  Lizzie tells Charlotte to be nice to her because Mr. Collins not only gave her Thanksgiving off, he gave her the whole week.  Charlotte doesn’t condone her best friend’s methods, but Lizzie regrets nothing. 

She is happy to be home again.  One of the perks is getting to see her dad.  He’s happy to have her and her silliness home again. 

In addition, at least for the next week, the elusive Jane Bennet will join her as well.  Jane says she hasn’t been elusive as she was in Lydia’s videos.  Lizzie reminds her it’s only because Lydia traveled to LA to see her.  Lizzie takes that moment to plug Lydia’s adventures in LA and informs Jane it’s a contractual thing.  Jane thinks it was sweet of Lydia to visit her even though it was wrong to cut school.  The eldest Bennet sisters give the youngest a look of disapproval.

Lizzie asks Jane if she ever saw Bing in LA.  Jane says they were both busy and she never did see him.  Lizzie was hoping that perhaps Jane would run into him after the Darcy debacle, but that wasn’t the case.  Lydia runs in with news, George Wickham is back in town.  Swim season is over, but he’s back for a casual visit and Lydia thinks Lizzie should casually run into him as she was casually dating him.  On that note, Lizzie ends the video.

In this comparison we return to the text of Pride & Prejudice, even if the events are not in the same order.  Regardless, the Bennet sisters are reunited.  Lydia informs her older sisters of George Wickham’s return to town.  Lizzy doesn’t get a chance to ask Jane about Bingley in these chapters.  In LBD Lizzie does ask but Jane has yet to see Bing in LA.  We also get a sneak peak at Lizzie playing Mr. Bennet.  She definitely seems to be his favorite daughter as he tells her he is happy to have her home in both works.

It’s only a matter of time before more Bennet family drama occurs.  Will it start with Wickham?  Will Bing come back into Jane’s life?  Will Darcy come back into Lizzie’s?  What will become of Lydia?  What will happen when Charlotte goes back to work?  Will Mr. & Mrs. Bennet find out about Lizzie’s videos?  Only time will tell.

That’s all for now, until next time, my name is Joslyn Dechant and this is Pride & Prejudice vs The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

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